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J&M Printing is well-versed in executing promotional strategies that are combined with attractive and upscale products your casino property will be excited to put their name on. We offer an extensive line of promotional products that enable your gaming property to showcase its brand on unique pieces that are guaranteed to make a lasting impact. It’s the better alternative to a business card - tactile pieces that increase exposure, brand recognition, and player participation.

J&M Printing will help you in executing promotional strategies and exemplifying scenarios where non-cash offers can be used to help influence your player’s behavior. Promotional products paired with the correct application of strategy can significantly increase your ROI while rewarding your player’s loyalty. Browse our online store to find quality products at great prices guaranteed to give your casino an advantage in the competitive world of gaming.

Promotional Products

  • Increase Brand Recognition
  • Incentivize participation with non-cash offers
  • Maintain a Large and Sustainable Outreach at Low Costs
  • Promotional Strategies paired with Creative Ideas

Promotional Strategies

  • Gift of the Day/Month
  • Continuity Program
  • Leveled Point Redemption for Merchandise
  • Points For Presents, and more…

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